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An In-depth Review of Living DNA

Do you want to know about your ancestors? Knowing your origin is great deal but formerly this technology wasn’t available for everyone. Living DNA came forward with the idea to offer DNA test online that is easily accessible for all. In this Living DNA review, you will learn more about them and what they are doing.

Who is Living DNA?

Living DNA is the company that started to operate recently; it is founded by DNA Worldwide Group. It is the team of 100 world-leading scientists, genetic experts and academic researchers. David Nicholson and Hannah Morden brought forward the idea of dissolving the concept of race to bring the humanity to one platform. Living DNA uses cutting edge DNA technology to extract the vital information from the DNA. DNA Worldwide Group was created in 2000, which established Living DNA in 2018.

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What Are They Selling at

Living DNA is selling an Ancestry test that lets you know about your origin and other details of your genetic composition that you don’t know. They send you the kit; you take your sample and send it back to the lab for evaluation.

How Living DNA Work:
Taking the Test:

To get tested, you need to order your kit online on Living DNA website. Within 5-7 days, the kit will arrive and it will come with unique bar code that will be used to view and receive your results. Take your DNA sample via cheek swab and send it back to the company. The test kit is for everyone, even the infants.

Getting The Results Back:

Within 10-12 weeks, Living DNA sends the results back. When the results are ready, you will be notified by the email. Through their website, you can access your results. You can also order a personalized ancestry book, if you like.

The Outcome of Your Test:

Living DNA test provides you more than one set of information. It offers bundle of three tests if you are male and two if you are female. The Living DNA test promo code tells you about your ethnicity profile – it tracks down your ancestry from the paternal as well as maternal side. The mtDNA and YDNA tests trace the single ancestry line through the history and bring your haplogroups to you.

What We Like About Living DNA?

There are so many things that make LivingDNA to stand out from others; here are few of the many things that we like about LivingDNA:

Covering Whole World with Specific European Regions:
The company starts with the concept that we all share same DNA. It breaks down ancestry within Britain and Ireland into 21 areas. Also, it divides it even further detailed regions including Europe and the world. It allows you to see your ancestry throughout human history and to know where your ancestors had lived on the globe.

High Definition Resolution:

Living DNA doesn’t look for isolated DNA pieces; instead, it looks into the detailed sections of DNA that are associated together. This feature provides the details of family ancestry in high definition, while other offers them in standard resolution.

Tell The Original Origination:

They tell originally where you have your origin; it is not an average ancestry but the specific one. Living DNA does that by checking for special combinations of linked DNA.

Quick Living Reviews:

Let’s have a quick look on different aspects of the Living DNA: is a very simple website and highly user friendly. They offer detailed ancestry DNA test and their website has everything you need to know about the test. On the top of the website, you find the options like Ancestry, How it works, Who we are, Blog and Help Center. You can sign in to your account from the top right side of the webpage.

Shopping Processing

By clicking on the “Order Now” button, you can initiate your shopping. Enter the name of the person who is about to take test and continue.

Order & Payment

You can place the order from the home page or from the “Order Now” button present at the top right corner of the web page. They offer flexible payment options and accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Stripe, and American Express. Two kinds of shipping methods are offered:

Worldwide Standard Delivery for US$ 24.95 that would take around 14-20 working days
Worldwide Premium Delivery for US$ 69.95 that would take around 5-7 working days
A prepaid postage return mailer is offered with every DNA testing kit for safe return of your sample.

Customer Service

The common problems and their solutions are given at their help center online: . If you don’t find what you are looking for then you can call or email them to get the right customer care. Their business hours are 9 am to 5 pm UK time from Monday to Friday. They are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You can call them at +44 203 424 3482 during their working hours. Their e-mail address is


For information security requirements, Living DNA Ltd is certified to ISO:27001. This certification is the proof that company will take care of your data by using every possible way. No personal information is given to the people carrying out the test; laboratory people only know the number you are designated with. Eurofins partner laboratory in Denmark processes your swab sample and generate your raw data. Living DNA (headquartered in the UK) then further analyzes your DNA for testing.

How to Order at Living

The fastest and yet the simplest way to order at is through their website. For different regions of the world, it is available in their local currency; for the rest of the world, they have an international website. All their results are only available in English though. They ship their kits to almost every part of the world. To place your order, do the following:

Select your region where you want to get the product

  • The country specific website will deal with the delivery in your region
  • From the home page or top right corner of the screen, click on the “Order Now” button
  • Enter the participant name and click ‘Continue’
  • You can also add ‘Personalized Ancestry Book’ in your order
  • Click on the ‘Checkout’ button and enter your details in the next page
  • Enter your information, review your order and complete the checkout to successfully place your order

Finally, LivingDNA is better than other online DNA testing services. This industry is evolving and so is LivingDNA. With every new technology, the company learns and provides benefit to their users. Now you can get it with great discount when you buy from them with our Living DNA coupon code. Take the benefit of the promotion today.

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